What is your Golden Thread?

I know there is more for me, but how do I find it?

Life is so different than I thought it would be – what is my purpose now?

How do I reconnect with my heart and dream again?

Sound Familiar?

Whether you are a leader and trying to help others discover answers to these questions or an individual seeking personal discovery… the answers may be closer than you think.

There are clues written in the fabric of life and business happening all around… you just have to lean in. 

As an individual, you can feel there is more to your own story than what you are living.

As a leader in your organization, you see the people. You hear the stories. You know the staff. You feel the impact your services have on the community daily.

But how do you hear and translate the call of the heart with so many distractions and barriers?

What you need, is to discover The Golden Thread – the heart of your mission intricately woven throughout your story.

From putting the structure in place for special events and graphic design for nonprofits to group retreats designed for personal discovery and reconnection, we have more than 20 years of experience in storytelling and event planning.

Let us help you find your Golden Thread.

Event-In-A-Box is a customizable virtual “toolbox” for non-profits that gives the basic items our team would use for event planning.

Retreats are hosted in various locations for a day or weekend. Golden Thread Retreats are designed to help guests discover and apply their personal golden thread. Heartland Retreats help participants regain a sense of spiritual wholeness and healing.

Additional Personal Coaching is also available through a program called Vocationality that helps you use your golden thread to map out a vocational path and get unstuck in your work life.

Logo design packages include consultation, design concepts, drafts, letterhead and business cards. Other graphic designs are available upon request.

For a 20-minute consultation or to learn more…

Meet Lonette Baity

Lonette has worked with nonprofit organizations for more than 20 years. Her experience in public speaking, event planning, and graphics/content creation gives her unique insights that help her clients discover and share their stories or as she likes to call it, their Golden Thread.