Current Retreats/Events

Golden Thread Workshop Series

Join us Tuesdays in January at 8:00 pm and discover your Golden Thread. Through a combination of teaching moments, group sessions and personal reflection you can expect to:

  1. ReCover your story: Together we’ll look at your life from childhood through adulthood.
  2. Discover your Golden Thread: Use your story to uncover personal golden threads that reveal your purpose by design.
  3. Craft the statement of a lifetime – pen words that clearly reflect your Golden Thread Statement and help provide a sense of direction for the coming year.
  4. Learn practical ways to live with your Golden Thread in view daily.

The Cost for the Golden Thread Workshop Series is $49. It includes the shipping materials and a few surprises. Space is limited to insure adequate group discussion and one-to-one time when needed. The series begins Jan 10 and runs a total of 4 weeks. The live sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend.*

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*Since the series will be recorded for anyone who can’t attend, the registration fee is non-refundable.